Flowers etc.

This is a selection of wild flowers, birds and bugs in our garden. You may have seen some of these on the web home page - an image is loaded each time you access or reload the page.

Click on any of the small images to start the slideshow and then move mouse over the left or right edge of the picture to use the Previous and Next links.

Whistling Ducks Cooper's Hawk Dung Beetle Chameleon Mockingbird Young Cardinal Squirrel Cooper's Hawk Dragonfly Assassin Bugs Humming Bird Assassin Bugs Pittosporum Pittosporum Unknown Lantana with bug Cardinal Crawfish rescued from pool. Crawfish. Cooper's Hawk Chameleon Wild Flower Grey Heron Red Cardinal Toad - pool rescue Spider Spider Dragonfly Red Dragonfly Red Dragonfly Squirrel Banana Spider Spider Lunch