Mum visit to Houston January/February 2011

11 Jan 2011 - flight was about 30 minutes late but no other problems.

Daily Sudoko challenge.
Jigsaw challenge.
Jigsaw challenge -it was finished eventually!
Yard work (weather permitting).

The Daily Routine

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Just like Friday night in Wem.
Five star dinner.
High calorie snack.
Obviously this is Tyger's (cat) chair.

Unpleasant Weather

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Several days of sub-zero temps.
Pieces of ice in yard.
Goldfinches looking for seed.
Cooper's Hawk looking for goldfinches.

20 Feb 2011 Rob Arrives...and so do the vultures.

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Getting over jet lag...
Black Vultures.
Monday morning - first cup of coffee.
Black Vultures.
Turkey Vulture.
Rob trying out the pool.
Keeping up with work.
Collecting leaves.

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