Garden project January 2010.



Plan - shorten the long curved bed, take out a Cherry Laurel that mysteriously decided to grow there (nearest bush in the second photo) and move it to the side of the yard; use the surplus stone from the wall to make circles around the trees. Since we lost the extremely large elm a year or so ago there is no longer shade on this bed and the azaleas and gardenias have suffered. Rather than replant we are turning it back to grass.

I cleared the plants, dismantled the stone wall, dug up the sprinkler loop and moved the excess dirt from the flower bed to the back of the house.

25 Jan 2010 - move electrical outlet - this turned out to be almost as expensive as the whole original installation of 4 outlets.

The landscaper came in to do the tree moves and reposition the sprinklers as well as moving the hose outlet. I rebuilt the wall and tidied up the site.

16 Feb 2010 - last item was for the landscaper to bring the new grass.    Mouse over the last photo to see the original layout.