Flowers etc.

This is a selection of flowers in our garden - they are not blooming all at the same time of course. The images are taken close up so they are not always easy to identify. You may have seen some of these on the web home page - a random image is loaded each time you access or reload the page.

Click on any of the small images to start the slideshow and then move mouse over picture to use the Previous and Next links.

Sunflower Crossandra Nandina Lantana Bougainvillea Spirea Vitex Begonia Mimosa Trumpet Vine Amaryllis Nandina Loquat Wisteria Fig (unripe) Rose of Sharon Pond Plant Geranium Lobelia Azalea Brunfelsia pauciflora Corn Cob Corn (maize) Amaryllis Amaryllis Impatiens Pond Plant Pittosporum Hibiscus Honeysuckle Pine Pittisporum Holly Osmanthus (Sweet Olive) Water Lily Crape Myrtle Mexican Heather Hamelia (Humming Bird bush Purslane Esperanza Purslane Lantana Purple Passion Flower Tomato Evolvulus (Blue Daze) Garden Peas Jasmine Plumeria Feijoa (Pineapple guava) Morning Glory Agapanthus Gardenia Runner Bean Thorn