ConocoPhillips 10K Rodeo Run
The race is held on the same day as the Rodeo Parade which marks the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The runners start right before the floats and follow the parade route for about a mile through downtown Houston. Finish is at the baseball stadium - Minutemaid Park (used to be Enron Field).

10K 27 Feb 2010

Rodeo Run Finish 2010I finished in 53 mins 43 secs which is about a half minute faster than last year. Once again it was faster than anything I did in practice. I was 1393rd out of 5,520 finishers (that's me in the middle circled in red). In 2009 I was 1554th out of 4,601 finishers. In 2008 I was 1040th out of 3,494 finishers. Chris Schomer, a colleague from Oceaneering, ran the 10k in 2008 and 2009 (only slightly behind me) but did the 5k in 2010. You can see all this data on the charts.

2010 run "before picture" on 27 February 2010. There was a record turnout of over 12,000 runners this year split between a 5k run and the 10k. The Rodeo Run official web site has information and links to the results. Friday night was cold but it warmed up Saturday morning when the sun came out. Temperature was in the low 50's (10C) but it was dry.

Chris and Orelia Schomer confidently waiting for the start. Chris ran in the 10k the last two years but this year his wife decided to run for the first time in the 5k so he ran with her for moral support. There is no official timing of the 5k event so everyone can report their own time...they were very fast...

After unpromising weather forecasts, the weather for the Rodeo Run on February 27, 2010 turned out to be cool but sunny. I finished in 53 mins 43 secs about half a minute faster than last year. The run was eventful in that I managed to trip and fall twice! The first time during mile 3 I went down flat on my face, banged my nose, hit my hand trying to break my fall and scarred my knee. I thought I must have hit a break in the concrete roadway. I was OK to keep going and then about 1/2 mile later I did it again! I then noticed that my left shoe was coming apart and I can only think that it was causing me to catch the roadway. Despite all this I picked up again but after that I was obviously aware of my shoe and probably did not do as well as I could have. So I arrived home with two scarred knees, scarred left hand and a banged up nose. Other than that it was a good run. Chris Schomer came with me again but this year he persuaded his wife Orelia to run also and as she was entering the 5k race he ran the 5k with her for moral support.
The full results are on the official Rodeo Run web site where you can see all kinds of statistical analysis and a video of the finish line. Unfortunately, I cross the line at the very start of the video clip and you will miss me unless you are quick. I am wearing a white shirt and dark sunglasses (see small picture above); there is a runner in a pale lemon color shirt just behind and to the left.