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Gestation Table iPhone App

This app calculates the estimated due date for common species of animals to give birth using the average gestation period. Gestation period start defaults to today's date but can changed by the user.

If you would like to see additional animals added please leave feedback in the AppStore.

Version 3.23
Internal coding updates.

Version 3.22
List of Birth Records will position to the record with Due Date closest to current date if there are too many records to display on a single scren.

Version 3.21
Fixed Zebra gestation days.

Version 3.20 (July 2017)
List of Birth Records sorts by due date.
Ability to create a Calendar Event at same time as Birth Record.
Minor UI fixes.

Version 3.11
More animals.

Version 3
Incorporates ability to adjust the calculated Due Date. On the Add Record screen the date can be adjusted up/down in percentage increments of the gestation period with a maximum of +/- 15%. The Edit Record screen has the ability to adjust in units of 1 day up/down with a maximum adjustment of +/- 10 days. Version 3.1 fixes a bug which caused the date adjustment to fail in certain non-USA environments.

Version 2
Includes the ability to create, save and edit individual birth records.

Version 1 initial release.
Sep 2015.

Upgrade Notes: If there are Birth Records created prior to Version 3.20, they will be transferred to the new version but they will be grouped at the bottom of the List. They will not be included in the sort order and they will not have a Calendar Event unless/until the record is edited. If you wish old records to be sorted correctly you can simply force an edit by tapping on the record in the List and changing a value - for example, click the Up arrow and then the Down arrow on the date adjustment. This will enable the Save button. Click on the Save button and the records will appear in the List in Due Date sequence next time the List is refreshed and a Calendar Event will be created. Once Calendar Events are created you can edit them manually on your device. However, note that editing a record causes the associated event to be deleted and a new one created.